Super Gr8.

So I saw this over the weekend, and I have to say that I was impressed. Perfect summer movie.

First of all, kudos to JJ Abrams for not giving away the entire story in the movie trailer. There are like three of us in this country that don’t like knowing every little detail about a movie before we show up for it. We don’t stalk movie spoiler sites and we actually like to be uh, surprised when stuff happens, as we slowly watch the story develop and unfold. Kind of like watching a tiny butterfly coming out of it’s cocoon for the first time without having to be told the color of it’s wings WEEKS in advance! Let’s just say it’s a shocking take on modern movie making and marketing.

So as not to give much away, here are the things that I really enjoyed about this movie.

  • The best train crash scene that modern man has been able to capture on film. CGI? Real stuff? I don’t care. It looked and sounded amazing, and even though I saw some of this in the preview, holy crap, it was awesome to witness the entire scene
  • This dude. Down here. On the right. The one that is not a blonde girl. This little man can flat out ACT. I felt empathy for him almost immediately, and I wanted him to be able to achieve all of his little 1979-era dreams. In fact, I’m STILL rooting for him and I saw this movie like four days ago. Do you think he’ll be my friend if I asked him?

  • Coach Taylor. I don’t care that he plays the same character in pretty much everything, even keeping his Southern accent (and clearly this movie takes place in Ohio. Maybe he moved up from Texas or something when he was a teenager?) But I wouldn’t mind if Kyle Chandler was my own father. Tough, yet fair. Clear eyes, warm hearts, can’t lose. Or something like that.

  • Best use of Ron Eldard since “ER”. And I’m pretty sure he, Margulies and Goose from “Top Gun” STILL regret leaving that show.

  • Another Fanning, not Dakota. Why is this family so good at acting? They are frightening. Especially if you’ve ever seen Elle Fanning interviewed in real life. She is absolutely impossible to listen to and is clearly like, eleven years old. So why is she sooo good at pretending to be someone else? Man, if Elle Fanning were to marry Freddie Highmore or something, their babies would be able to produce an entire cornucopia of emotions-on-demand. Think about it, they would never even know if their crying baby was really in need of something, or if he was really just…acting. And they’d have to put all of his bottles on the craft services table, per the rider in his contract.
  • That early ’80’s E.T. vibe that every movie critic and their mother is talking about. Yes, even down to the one foul-mouthed kid. It’s all there.
  • The lighting. Subtle blue, eerie lights as foreshadowing that something wasn’t as it seemed. Awesome, and a nice effect.
  • Not knowing just WHAT is going to happen next
  • White Rubik’s cubes. I would want one. Or several. That’s all I’m saying.
  • That skeevy Noah Emmerich. Does this man EVER play a non-skeevy character? I don’t care that you’re smiling sir. You are creepy.

To sum up, you should go see it. And that’s really all I’m going to say about it. So there.


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