Surprisingly Humorous

Took the kids to see this over the weekend:

Hey it was a buck! The seats were purple and still had some fabric left on them!

While there, my lovely wife took one for the team and wrangled our two-year old during the entire screening. I can’t help it that same two-year old wanted nothing to do with me–but it afforded me the opportunity to actually watch the movie.

And while I was watching, I noticed something strange.  I was laughing. And it was genuine! There were one or two jokes inserted expressly for adults and lo, they were actually funny. It was a fun treat, kind of like when you find out you’ve been on the freeway for 20 minutes, and you have no idea where your mind has been for the last 15, but you’re not dead yet! It was kind of like that.

Also, you’ve got to love any movie with a monkey named Steve voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, another character voiced by Mr. T, and the most romantic scene ever involving a huge Jell-o mold and a scrunchy.

If you have an extra buck, you could do worse. Just sayin’.


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