Posted in January 2010

Can I Get “Lost” Yet?

Oh how I’ve missed my magical friends. Are they all dead and blowed up? Or is everyone except that meddling Juliet alive and living in a mental hospital? Or are they all living in a snow globe in Howie Mandel’s grubby little hand at St. Elsewhere Hospital? To get you pumped up for the upcoming … Continue reading

Surprisingly Humorous

Took the kids to see this over the weekend: Hey it was a buck! The seats were purple and still had some fabric left on them! While there, my lovely wife took one for the team and wrangled our two-year old during the entire screening. I can’t help it that same two-year old wanted nothing … Continue reading

Things That Are Dumber Than the BCS

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of the corrupt cartel known as the Bowl Championship Series. It’s highly ironic that an organization responsible for educating our young men and women looks at outsourcing their postseason as a smart decision. Don’t they have one math major in the NCAA? Don’t they know that … Continue reading