Avatar = Awesome

Sure, I’ve only seen like six movies this year, but I’m ready to crown a champ. Avatar!

I’ll be honest, after seeing the preview, I wasn’t that excited to spend three hours with these fake looking blue giants but the movie was about 9,000 times better than the preview. Some brief context: it takes place in the future, the humans are in the process of invading a distant world, Pandora, for its precious natural resources. The indigenous peeps are 10 foot tall giants with interactive hair braids (don’t ask.) The humans have figured out a way to interact among them by inhabiting manufactured Na’vi bodies or “Avatars” after years of training. Some reasons this movie whips:

  • Sam Freaking Worthington – if there’s a better actor on the planet, Sam could kill him with his bare hands
  • CGI that is Effing incredible. Apparently Jimmy Cameron spent years perfecting this new art and it shows. I have never seen anything like it, especially in the third dimension with funny glasses. I guess that one time I got a swirlie in the third grade comes pretty close.
  • Did I mention the special effects? I could live on Pandora, curled up in a leaf or riding an ikran, all day long
  • Character development – With a nearly three hour running time, you actually get to know and care about these characters
  • Sigourney Weaver!
  • An entire new race and world – Na’vi are cool. And I’m kind of confused by this, but Neytirri is actually uh, kind of…hot
  • Killer 3D – The only thing more realistic would be me sitting directly in front of you and poking your eyeball with my finger
  • Michelle Rodriguez not playing somebody mean for once

Say what you will about James Cameron, but he’s managed to do it again. Maybe this arrogant know-it-all actually IS the king of the world.


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