A Nice Reminder That My Life Has Been a Waste…

I first read about this story on ESPN (you should read it.) Zac Sunderland at the time was attempting to circumnavigate the globe in a 36-foot sailboat. By himself. And he’s 17 years old. I can safely say when I was 17, I was just learning to read and contemplating the wonders of my navel. I think it’s great that this long haired kid from California decided when he was 16 that he wanted to be the first to do it alone before he turned 18. So he saved up money, bought a used sailboat and with the help of his dad, retrofit it for his journey. Awesome.

Before. And After.

Along the way, he had to do battle with rough seas, losing his radar for a time, having his main mast crack in half, being pursued by pirates, all sorts of stuff that you typically see in a Lifetime made-for-TV movie. Well except menopause. About two weeks ago, he completed his journey, and sailed back into San Diego after about thirteen months of solitude.

This is a great story, and Zac’s motto has been to “Do Hard Things.” A good reminder that real growth in life comes from attempting and doing difficult things instead of just punting instead. Sometimes this is easy to forget because I personally like easy. Easy and Fat. That’s my motto. Thanks for the reminder, Zac. And your parents rule.


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