Neat-O Song of the Week–Big B featuring Scott Russo “Sinner”

Here is a song that is worth highlighting for a number of reasons:

  • It’s inherently catchy. Just try to get this tune out of your head. Seriously. Try.
  • It features one of my favorite things in the world, the fat white rapper. Ah yes, anytime I can hear my rappers straining to breathe as they spit their lines, while chicken grease shoots through their veins always makes for a very enjoyable listening experience. One of the main reasons I never liked the Notorious B.I.G. was because his neck and voicebox were covered in so many layers of B.I.G., that it totally made his flow sound like a hood Snuffleupagus. I think I am the only one this bothers.
  • His name is Big B! Really? That’s the best you could do? His name is probably Brandon or Brett and when he enters the game of rap decides he needs a catchy name. Well, uh…I’m large, and my name is Brett. Big B? Perfect! I have high hopes for your lyrics if this is the best you can do with your name.
  • This video tells a nice story: Fat rapper gets arrested, (because he’s so CRaaaZy!) calls his totally busted, butter face girlfriend to bail him out, but she’s busy being stolen by the guy from Unwritten Law wearing a jaunty hat while singing a nice melody.  I haven’t seen this much action since that one time Jack Tripper pretended to be two people at once at the Regal Beagle.
  • It has a nice cameo of Carey Hart playing a prison guard. If the whole Moto X thing doesn’t work out, he seems to be doing a nice job of showing up in music videos.
  • With all that, it’s just fun.

So there you go.

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