What You SHOULD Be Reading–“The Terror”

Last time I checked, there are more books to read then days that I will be alive. In fact there are so many books and so little time to read them that  my reading policy usually entails giving a book 100 pages, and then if it hasn’t caught my interest or no one has died significantly, then I chuck it and move on. Kind of like how George Clooney dates. The only difference being that I can read books that are older than 24.

To help out those old-fashioned people that read books, I thought I would feature the next book you should be reading. To save you some time selecting that next book to read and so that you can get back to Jon & Kate and your US magazines when you’re done.

The Terror, by Dan Simmons

As this book is a work of historical fiction, you get some fact and then you also get some made up stuff. Kind of like the resume of every person on “The View”. To recap, this is the story of Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition of the HMS Terror and the HMS Erebus in 1845 as they make their way to the Arctic and attempt to find the Northwest Passage. As the expedition was lost, this is Dan Simmons’s imagining of what happened to the men on each ship. And oh yeah, there’s also a monster out on the ice that is stalking and killing them. This pretty much always equals awesome.

This book is great because:

  • Even amongst all the made up stuff, you’re still learning actual stuff. I felt instantly smarter
  • It made me appreciate modern conveniences like my furnace and stocking caps
  • A monster! Remember?
  • Even though it was 700+ pages, I couldn’t wait to read and finish this book. Either it was really good, or I am easily entertained. Yeah, that’s probably it
  • I would hang out with Captain Crozier
  • The ending was actually satisfying. Unlike the movie version of “No Country for Old Men” or Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” when he gets all preachy about the benefits of Communism, this one ended in a very satisfying, dare I even say uplifting way

So there. If you’re into reading books, feel free to give this one a try. Or yeah, I guess you could read that new one from Grisham. Sure.


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