Neat-O Song(s) of the Week–Mute Math “Spotlight” + “Typical”

First and foremost, if you don’t know Mute Math, please get to know them. They are the cool. The lead singer plays a keytar (!) which has not been seen in the wild since Cameo’s “Word Up” video. And they happen to play songs that are good and different. I enjoy them. You should too.

“Spotlight” is the song that I was going to highlight all by itself, but then I found out it was on the “Twilight” soundtrack by all the stupid Twi-hards bickering in the comments about whether Jacob or Edward is better. I immediately started to hate the song, so I had to bring in another to balance things out.

“Typical” is a good song, not as good as “Spotlight” or some of their other stuff, but the video is awesome. As you can see, it’s recorded entirely in reverse. Just try to wrap your mind around that; it’s kind of like trying to comprehend wormholes, time travel and the phenomenon that is Jon and Kate.


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