Neat-O Song of the Week–“We Are the World”

If you, like me, haven’t seen this video in a while, then you are missing out on a significant chunk of awesome. Not only was this one of the first times that a hastily assembled group of celebrities got together for a cause (in this case, feeding children in Africa) but this particular recording contained more starpower than a West Hollywood Starbucks. You’ve also got:

  • Kenny Rogers in an oversize t-shirt going into convulsions trying to hit his notes
  • An actual Al Jarreau sighting
  • Darry Hall. Oh and Oates is somewhere in there too!
  • A black Michael Jackson (RIP) back when he was relevant and people didn’t think twice that he was wearing a be-dazzled majorette costume
  • Bruce Springsteen pretty much ruining everthing with his yelling. Dude, if this guy can be a musical icon with his gravel throat, it gives me hope that I could at least be a musical afterthought
  • Steve Perry and Dionne Warwick not even breaking a sweat to hit their notes. I believe they call this professionalism, people. Yes, they need some help in the hairdo department, but they know how to come in and sang
  • Ray Charles–Dead
  • Kim Carnes–Not dead
  • LaToya AND Jermaine Jackson. I wonder what they offered Quincy Jones to let them come on in? I can’t recall either of them being able to, uh…you know…actually sing?
  • Huey Lewis, also still alive and more than holding his own with Michael

Aaah. The ’80’s at their finest.


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