Scene Stealer: Sam Worthington

So I was totally pumped for Terminator: Salvation. Not only because the Terminator franchise is awesome (with the exception of T3: Here Comes the Suckage) but because ever since Reign of Fire, Christian Bale has been THE man. The Prestige, amazing. 3:10 to Yuma, even amazing-er. And don’t even get me started on just how rawk the Batman franchise is now with CB and Christopher Nolan telling him where to stand.

So you combine Christian Bale and a franchise in desperate need of some “cool” resuscitation with a director (McG shockingly enough) that looks like he actually has learned how to make movies since telling Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and that Asian one where to stand; you’ve got yourself a movie that I am excited to watch multiple times.

After my first viewing yes, the movie was sufficiently awesome, but after the first five minutes, I could have cared less that Christian Bale was even in it. Simply because every time Sam Worthington was on the screen as Marcus Banks, he straight up STOLE the scene from everyone else. I don’t know what the movie people call it, whether it’s charisma or stage presence or a little something called quality acting, but Worthington has the goods. If I was Kara DioGuardi right now (Can you imagine how weird THAT would be) I would say that he has “acting chops and is a ROCK god” or something equally cheesy. Because that’s what Kara does. She goes a little bit too far. And does it a little too loudly.

Now to be fair, he did suck at the American accent, and couldn’t manage to keep the Australian accent from seeping through at specific intervals, but I’m convinced this kid is going places. And after looking at his IMDB page, he’s only going to be in FOUR upcoming films including James Cameron’s Avatar and a Clash of the Titans remake (editors note: awesome) so you’ll need to get to know Sam Worthington. Soon. Just warning you.

Currently acting all over Anton Yelchin

Also, T:S introduced me to Moon Bloodgood. Not only does she have the best name of any actress pretty much ever but when I start up my own army to protect America from the upcoming Chinese invasion, she would be the first person I call. Mostly because her name is so scary. Also, I think it’s hilarious that in the movie she plays a character called Blair Williams. First of all, her REAL name is perfect for a Terminator movie, and they give her a character name that sounds like it came from “The Facts of Life.” Hilarious.

P.S. if you have not viewed the Terminator movie yet, you should. I’ll go with you.

2 thoughts on “Scene Stealer: Sam Worthington

  1. Seems like a good flick. A lot of people gave it mixed reviews. I have yet to see it, but I’m sure it kicks ass. After reading your review…I need to go check it out.

  2. You should check out the Aussie film “somersault” which Sam won an AFI award for best actor in 2004. He’s known here in Australia more as a character actor rather than an action star.
    I’m a fan of Bale but I felt the same after watching TS, he really does have incredible screen presence and I can’t wait to see him in Avatar.

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