Posted in May 2009

Worst. Finale. Ever.

Well that was a waste of five months of precious DVR time. The fact that HELEN ends up winning “The Biggest Loser” proves that Ghandi was WRONG and there is no such thing as karma. To recap: Helen is the most selfish woman ever Her 26-year old daughter, who is on the show with her, … Continue reading

The Final Four Attempt to Rock it Out – AI Recap

I learned something very important this week. And that something is that there was no such thing as rock music after 1969. The ’70’s, 80’s, ’90’s and especially the current decade contain absolutely no semblance of rock. At. All. Somewhere my Warrant, Great White, Winger and Tesla cassette tapes are crying. These feel neglected right … Continue reading

Random Musings

While traipsing about on the Interwebs, I have discovered a few things that have made my mouth agog that I would like to share. For example this: As the official Dorktrain Apprentice™ I am in love with all things Apple, but this video of Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak makes me question every dollar I have thrown … Continue reading