Posted in April 2009

Get Down Disco Night — AI Recap

When I hear the word “disco” it makes me get all cold and clammy inside and have visions of the Bee Gees and hairy chests and fevers that only happen on Saturday Night. (Or, if you’re Kara, Saturday Night Live.) So when I heard that the theme this week was disco, I started breathing all … Continue reading

Cinematical Songs –AI Recap

Selecting favorite songs from movies usually means that we’re in for an entertaining week. The kids can pick some fun songs you know, from movies, and we get to see just what kind of freak Quentin Tarantino actually is. Because if any human could be a cartoon, it’s that dude. In fact he looks an … Continue reading

Songs from the Year They Wuz Born–AI Recap

First, a brief preface. I am old. If I can remember what I was doing almost to the minute on the day Allison was born (1992–NOT watching the Barcelona Olympics, but instead stuffing my face with a huge gelato in an Italian piazza) then I am one of two things: a freaking genius, or really, … Continue reading