December Movie Deathmatch! The Button v. Valkyrie

It is not often that there is one good movie at the multi-plex, much less two. However this Christmas break I had the opportunity to view two excellent films. Yes, films so good that I need to encourage others to see them. Granted, I’m sure all one of my reader has already seen both of these, but it’s worth repeatin’.


From the days of Maverick and Goose there has been no better movie star than Tom Cruise. That is, until his feet were introduced to Oprah’s couch and he kept professing his love for his newly acquired alien, “Kate” Holmes. At that point he was dead to me. However in this film, Mr. Cruise does a good job of projecting some near human attributes. He caused me to pause several times, “You know, that Tom Cruise really isn’t that bad. I can almost believe that he is married. Look at him act like he likes his wife.” In addition, he’s also rocking a sick perm.

This movie was great. I know next to nothing about history, except that these events actually happened. I found that I was on the edge of my seat for most of the film, hoping against hope that they would get that small guy with the combover and the brush mustache. When it was over, I was literally shocked as I figured that only about 20 minutes had passed, and not the full two hours and 8 minutes of the movie’s actual duration. I was also emotionally exhausted and wondering where I could pick up a sweet uniform to wear all the time.

From there, I traipsed over to see:

Benjamin Button

Yes, he’s riding a scooter. Please, don’t ask. So I’m fully aware that the full title of this movie is “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” however, I have taken to referring to this as simply “The Button Movie.” I was expecting this flick to be good as I am a David Fincher fan, but I remained impressed at just how good and thought provoking it actually was. I love movies that suck me in from the very beginning and this one did. Also, I have never been a huge fan of Cate Blanchett and her face, but I actually didn’t mind her in this one. Perhaps because she spent much of the movie with a CGI face on top of her real one, but her ordinary annoyingness that comes through in certain roles was remarkably absent. In addition, it made me contemplate things. This is difficult to do as I usually try never to think more than necessary, however it made me contemplate, what WOULD it actually be like to be aging backwards? At first, it sounds awesome, because your best years are in front of you, but when you get younger and younger and your mind is actually older and older, and everyone you know is getting older while you could go hang out at the skatepark if you wished, made me realize that it would be surprisingly non-enjoyable and most of all, lonely. Also, since no one reads this site, I don’t mind telling you either that tears were shed. And not just by the annoying old lady behind me. No, my own face sprung an actual leak during the presentation of the movie. About seven annoying times.

Deathmatch Winner: The Button movie by a thread. HA! I can gauge a movie’s goodness by what I think about it the next day. If it pervades my thoughts the next day, I know that I have witnessed a quality exposition. (For example after viewing “Return of the Jedi” for the first time, it was all I could think about in my 5th grade class. And except for the Ewoks, that remains one of my favorite in the trilogy. I never count the new ones as Star Wars movies. But I digress…) I loved the story, the look and feel and overall “ambience,” of the whole thing as well as the acting of all involved. It also made me want to get a little place on Lake Pontchartrain where I could sit in my robe and watch the sunrise in my bathrobe and slippers.

Conclusion: You should really see both of these, but if you only have $8.25, see the Button.


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