I constantly complain about advertising getting more and more pervasive. Just try watching a sporting event without having a corporate sponsor shoved into your face. Seriously, try it. For example, at a recent Utah Jazz game, I witnessed Mehmet Okur hitting the RC Willey 3-Point Shot on a hoop that was sponsored by America First Credit Union (only on the sides!) because the top of the hoop advertises the Utah Jazz website and the front of the stanchion is promoting something else. I have often wondered how much it would cost for me to sponsor just one basket at an NBA game. Say the first basket made after the first time out in the third quarter. Wouldn’t it be great to have the announcer say “This random basket brought to you by DorkTrain!” The crowd would go freaking wild. Wild!

ANYWAY, as a marketing person myself, even I feel like I’m drowning in the different products that are relentlessly shoved in our collective pieholes. As I tell door to door salespeople that shockingly still exist, if I wanted your magical spot remover, I would call the number on the Billy Mays telemercial and buy it from him. He’s offering me a set of 6 squeegees to go with it. And he yells continuously for 30 seconds. He wins. 

However, I saw this clever ad placement for Nestle Quik and thought, “Now there’s something that I would actually look forward to watching. If I rode the train that is.”

Would it make me rush out to quench my thirst with a chocolatey beverage? No, but I like looking at the fun, cartoony rabbit. Give us more rabbit in our daily commute.


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