I Love Me Some Hulu!

So there are moments when I enjoy watching a nice Internet video. And I’m not speaking of the homemade, “watch these midgets fight!” variety. Oh no. If I wanted to look at that, I would just need to visit my backyard. No, instead, I enjoy watching the videos and television shows of my youth that were professionally produced, well written and contained acting the likes of which is rarely seen outside of India. Such shows like “Knight Rider”, “The A-Team”, “Small Wonder” and any other crappy show that you thought was really cool when you were young, and now you realize it’s not all that great. I like watching these.

So imagine my happiness at discovering my new friend, Hulu. Not only is it not blocked by my evil corporate firewall, but it also contains a cornucopia of quality entertainment such as “The Fall Guy“Xanadu” and “The Karate Kid 2 AND 3!” Are you kidding me? It’s even got some crap in HD! Ever wonder where those episodes from “The Office” went after they removed themselves from iTunes? That’s right, my new friend Hulu has them all. “Arrested Development“? How about all three seasons, amigo. Just kind of waiting there for you to find them and watch them. They don’t even say anything whilst you are viewing. How considerate! 

So when you have a moment to kill on the web, and you’re wondering what Lee Majors is up to, check out my new friend. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. And if you are disappointed, I think we’re pretty much done here.

Exhibit A. The awesomeness of this!

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