Fine, Goodreads. You Win.



I give in. You have won. At first when I met you, I said, “Oh no. I am not doing ANOTHER site that requires me to gain virtual friends, and show off all of my virtual friends, and make other virtual friends weep at the sheer size and volume of my virtual friends. But then I realized, “Hey, this site is about books.” Which I enjoy. I like books and I like to pointlessly catalog the books that I have read, and then spout my opinion about them to really no one in particular. Typically this takes place on a spreadsheet that I keep in my computer. But then I realized: “Um, sometimes I am at a different computer. How do I access my spreadhseet and it’s beautiful colors so I can meticulously catalog the book that I just read here on this “foreign” computer? Yes. There was a lot of work involved.

However now, using the Internets, I can place all of the books that I have read on virtual “bookshelves”, AND I can give my “bookshelves” “names” like “Books I like” or “These books suck” or even “Giant Carrot!!!!” really, whatever I want here goes. I am the master of my non-existent virtual bookshelves. The awesome power that flows from my fingertips! It’s amazing, really.

So I will soon be migrating all of my book nerd information from my spreadsheets to the world of, where complete strangers can look at the books that I have read, and laugh at my lack of taste. I invite you to do the same. And perhaps become my virtual book friend here. What could be cooler? I know, you’re right, pretty much ANYTHING.

5 thoughts on “Fine, Goodreads. You Win.

  1. I was so sad to hear you’re gone. But who can blame you? Things are crazy around here these days. Hopefully it’ll change soon. No one likes having Satan dictate our marketing dept- or should I say Avocent’s marketing dept. Vom.

  2. We love your blog and want to link to it…from our high school library…we want to be cool kids like you! We think you are really neat!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Amy. I’m misting up as we speak. But I must kindly request that you don’t link to me from your high school library. I would hate to have the school guidance counselor find this blog and realize that he was right. Pompous know-it-all.

  3. Okay, I am removing the link, but I am going to keep reading your stuff! No worries, nobody looks at our library website, your blog was on it for two days and I’m pretty sure my two collegues and I are the only ones who looked at it…our guidance counsellors are just not geeky enough to go to nerdtown.

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