What I Just Done Read

So it only took me three months, but I have managed to claw and fight my way through another book. What’s happening here? That’s like two books this year. What, am I turning into a reader? Am I seeking out entertainment that is not spoon fed to me through a large screen on my wall? What’s next, I’ll find myself doing arithmetic without a machine to assist me? Or making popcorn that does not require a microwave massage? Shudder the thought.

The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

So a couple of things precluded me from picking up this volume right away and reading it.

  • Apparently, it’s young adult fiction. What the crap is that? For those kids that are over “Tiger Beat” or “Seventeen”? Are these starter books? Try on this book for size young adult, and if you can graduate from it, feel free to read “The Fountainhead” next? I’ve found that I’m only mentally a young adult, especially when I derive satisfaction in listening to “Yellowcard” or “Fall Out Boy” or some other band that only 14-year-old girls like.
  • My library was really pushing it. Now I love the library. I try to go there as often as I can to feel the whole library vibe. Old ladies pushing book carts, young teenagers playing World of Warcraft on the public Internets for about eleven hours, an abundance of CD’s that I can keep a copy of, in case public libraries shut down one day, and they’ll need my resources. You know, important stuff like that. But the last book they were promoting was “Life of Pi” which I think we can all agree is about a crappy tiger and a whiny Indian kid. You’ve burned me once before library. Never again.
  • It’s award winning. Look at the medal on the cover! Usually I stay away from such blatant promotion. Anyone can win a medal. I “won” a medal the other day when I successfully purchased a gold one at my friendly neighborhood Dollar Tree. It’s got a book with wings on it and scroll and I have no idea what it represents, but I’m a medal winner just the same! I think that makes me special somehow.

So I decided to go against my better judgement and give it a try. And let me tell you Sally, this is one of the best books I’ve read all year. Granted, I’ve read three, but this is a great book. First of all, it takes a complicated, over-done concept that is not fun to subject oneself to (the Holocaust) and presents it in a completely different light. First of all, the narrator is Death himself, and he sounds like a nice guy. One I wouldn’t mind hanging out with as he goes about his business collecting the souls of the world. The characters are so well written and developed that I felt for them from about page 16 on, and it’s original in it’s story and overall tone. In fact, I got to about page 300 and wanted to sprint through the last 200 pages just to see how it was all going to end. That hasn’t happened in awhile. So if you know how to read and would like to spend your time reading something “qualitatious” (I just wrote that word) select this selection!


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