The Onset of Male Menopause

I am old. It’s true! I’m this close to using a Jazzy chair to get around the mall, and I have an affinity for hats. Especially while driving. However, this point was never brought home more clearly than when I was recently watching some music videos on the old person channel (VH1) and I almost choked on my Grape Nuts while perusing the obits.

I was watching this video, and proceeded to cry like a baby at the end. To give you some context:

  • I am tough. I only let my emotional curtain down at very important events. Like reality show reunion episodes, on roller coasters, and while eating particulary tasty food.
  • I dislike 3 Doors Down. I think that they are a less-attractive, less-talented Nickelback. And that’s pretty bad, because I don’t care that much for Nickelback.
  • I could care less about this yuppie Mom traveling in her Volvo SUV, oblivious to the world around her.
  • I have no idea what this song is even about.

However, as this video concluded, even though I knew exactly what was going to happen, I was reduced to a quivering sack of emotions, curled up in the fetal position. And it was 8:20 in the morning. Much too early to give in to what I like to call “The Braveheart Effect”

So feel free to laugh at me, but watch this thing for yourself and if you don’t feel a small pull of emotion in the place where your heart resides, I would like to submit that you are cold and dead inside. Like Oprah.

Or I need to put my fedora on, fire up the Buick and start shopping for golf carts, as this whole menopause thing must meen that I am ready for retirement.

You can go here to view it as well if this isn’t working. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “The Onset of Male Menopause

  1. Okay, I watched the video. Hmm…maybe its cuz I don’t have kids, or maybe its cuz I have no soul. No tears. But knowing that you cried at the end makes me giggle. Thanks for the giggle.

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