Posted in May 2008

American Idol Finale, Finally!

So after approximately 43 episodes containing at least 6,721 song butcherings and 347 different outfit changes (63 by David Archuleta alone containing 112 tiny, little jackets,) our American Idol journey has come to an end. I can’t believe that I’ll need to wait another eight months to hear, “This… (crickets chirping, I’m starting to feel a little bit … Continue reading

American Idol Recap – The Final Three!

So here we are. Almost to the end of our “journey.” I feel like I’m losing a friend. A three headed friend that combs their hair differently every week and smiles WAY too much. Must. Keep. Smiling. For. Ever. If we’re being honest with ourselves however, this week had about as much suspense as an episode of … Continue reading

What I Just Done Read

So I’m a pretty avid reader. Like lately with all of the television I enjoy watching, I may burn through two, maybe three books a year! Which I think we can all agree is an absolutely blistering pace! So since my book reading time is at a premium, I decided to spend my time reading only classic … Continue reading

The Onset of Male Menopause

I am old. It’s true! I’m this close to using a Jazzy chair to get around the mall, and I have an affinity for hats. Especially while driving. However, this point was never brought home more clearly than when I was recently watching some music videos on the old person channel (VH1) and I almost … Continue reading