Posted in April 2008

I Love Me Some redbox!

 I enjoy watching movies. It’s true. Instead of protecting the people in Nakatomi Towers myself barefoot, I would much rather watch John McClain do it for me. Or since I won’t be able to take on the Cobra Kai dojo by myself using a few moves that the old guy from ‘Happy Days’ has taught me … Continue reading

American Idol Recap – Mariah Carey Night

Proudly showing off her RIGHT side. The Wind Machine is in her car. Hello reader! I welcome all two of you. So how great has it been to have these guest mentors helping our little kids along? I mean, I can barely contain myself for Broadway next week and Andrew Lloyd Webber! It’s just too bad that … Continue reading

Hills Wisdom

Ok. Let’s be frank. This show, “The Hills” is kind of like watching a house burn down. It’s kind of fun at first and strangely fascinating while it’s going on, but when it’s over you realize you have nowhere to sleep as you just watched your own house burn to the ground. I hate myself … Continue reading