What I Just Done Read.

Hello blog. Hello all of my faithful reader. It’s been awhile. To commence with the bloggery, I thought I would let you know about not only what I’m listening to (previous post from August) but also what I’m reading and have read. This will be my first book entry. Get excited non-existent readers!!

 The Road–Cormac McCarthy

The Road

So I know what you’re saying, and it’s the same thing that I’m saying. “Why would I want to read a dumb Oprah book?” If Oprah touches it, I don’t want a thing to do with it. Like I think Steadman is an idiot. But since Pulitzer touched this book before Oprah got to it, I thought that I would give it a try.

Here’s the thing. This book is good. My 12 cent recap will tell you that it’s the story of a man and a boy traveling across the country after some sort of unnamed apocalypse. The world is totally different, and they’re trying to get out of the cold mountains before the winter hits. So they’re trying to survive and stay out of the way of the “bad guys” that are roaming the country trying to survive as well. Infinitely interesting, bleak, gloomy and inspiring all at the same time. I really like books like this and wanted to make sure I read it before they make the movie of it with Viggo Mortensen and ruin it.

 Should your Mom read it? Probably not, as it just might depress her, (she’s a little weak sauce, let’s be honest) but I thought it was good and dare I say, even thought provoking. I need to work on my food storage as well. You go, Oprah!

3 thoughts on “What I Just Done Read.

  1. just so you know… i will be reading your blog… maybe not that book, but i’m sure you can tell me all about it when i come see you next. hope that will be soon… i bet you can’t wait!

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