Welcome to what I like to call, a weblog.

I know, I know, the kids are all doing it. First they started “text messaging” each other, and then they started “hitting each other up” on myspace and Facebook. Now the really savvy ones have their own “blog” that they can sell “advertising” on and make a “billion dollars.” So yes, I just wanted to be one of the cool kids.

 And this way, I can talk about American Idol and other dorky topics to my hearts content, without the proverbial “corporate man” breathing down my neck and looking at my emails on the “corporate server” where they’ll save them away and place them into my “confidential permant record” that was started in junior high and has now followed me into the workplace.

 P.S. I have allowed comments to hear what you lowly “non-webloggers” think of that which I am spouting. Mostly so we can talk about the horrific-ness of Sanjaya’s hair.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to what I like to call, a weblog.

  1. Brent,
    Did you really leave yourself a comment? That is like being your own best friend on myspace. I like it.

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