Viva l’America

What to do when you’re playing in the World Cup and your country and team has saddled you with one of the most atrocious uniforms known to man? A uniform that makes you look like you’re either going scuba diving, or serving me a brioche on a cruise ship? Accessorize that ugly thing with a … Continue reading

Please stop…

I enjoy sports. One of the great things about watching sports is witnessing the spectacle of a championship, either real (NBA Finals, NFL SuperBowl) or imagined (BCS Championship Game, anything involving NASCAR or tennis.) These events are most often very enjoyable to watch, (as long as the Lakers, Yankees or Heat aren’t winning.) Until we … Continue reading

Super Gr8.

So I saw this over the weekend, and I have to say that I was impressed. Perfect summer movie. First of all, kudos to JJ Abrams for not giving away the entire story in the movie trailer. There are like three of us in this country that don’t like knowing every little detail about a … Continue reading